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Our first ever blog post!

Drum roll please...we are super excited to be typing our very first blog post! We wanted a way to keep you updated with all things Swan without adding to your inbox landfill (we feel the pain).

So we thought we'd start out with something that's super important to us, apparently we've been feeling rather reflective recently! We were thinking about the way a pub used to be at the heart of the village, and how we can bring back that community feel.

We recently saw that someone was looking for a venue to hold a quiz night fundraiser to help support their horse santuary. We are very pleased to say that we got in touch with them, and the event is being held here on Saturday 1st December. Anyone can join in, so if you're at a loose end then come along!

It got us thinking that there are probably lots of other kind hearted people out there looking for somewhere to host an event, or after school club. Did you know we host doggy training sessions on our field every Saturday morning? So we wanted to make the most of our first ever blog post and announce that if you are wanting to spread some good in the world then we might be able to help!

As you may have noticed, we have been working on changing our products to the more environmentally friendly kind...plastic straws is a swear word here! We believe that any business can make a positive difference in some way, we'd like our impact on the community to be a good one!

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